Video of black men being handcuffed at Starbucks goes viral; CEO apologises


Hindustan Surkhiyan Desk:After facing heat over arrest of two black men from Starbucks’ Philadelphia store, the CEO of the brand says he wants to apologise personally to the men.

Kevin Johnson posted a lengthy statement on Saturday night. He called the situation “disheartening” and that it led to a reprehensible outcome.

The apology comes after a video of two black men being handcuffed at a Starbucks store went viral and the company had to face the heat of the internet users whose saw the video.

As per the reports, the Starbucks employee called 911 for aid and said that the two men were trespassing. The two men when asked by the police refused to leave, leading to arrest.

However the men reportedly said that they were waiting for their friends and did nothing wrong.


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