Nepal’s Janakpur set to welcome PM Modi


Hindustan Surkhiyan Desk:Nepal’s historical and ancient city of Janakpur has revamped the preparations to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi later this month.

The Janakpurdham, which is the foundation of the religious beliefs between Nepal and India, will be hosting the felicitation ceremony in honour of Prime Minister Modi after he performs puja in the temple.

“From the Province No. 2 government, honourable Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit is almost fixed for May 11. We are making the preparations to make it grand and with utmost fervour. We have got into it with all our efforts and force,” Province 2 State Chief Lal Babu Raut told ANI.

The Province No. 2 government has made the preparations to give public honour to Prime Minister Modi in the Barhabigha ground, which will draw about one hundred thousand people.

The state government also has revamped the tasks of clearing the demolished structures on the way to Janaki Temple from the Barhabigha ground.

It is planning to set up welcome gates, along with a Kalash (a metal pot with a large base and small mouth, large enough to hold a coconut) and flowers to decorate the road and other places.

Along with these, the government is expecting Prime Minister Modi to address the people present in the ground during the felicitation ceremony.

“This Barhabigha will host his (Prime Minister Modi’s) public felicitation ceremony. During the programme, there is a possibility of address by the Indian Prime Minister. He will address the people here and representatives of the assemblies. He has the tradition of including the agendas of national and international issues during his addresses and I think that he will continue it while stepping on the land of the Janaki,” Jitendra Sonal, Minister of Infrastructure and development from Province 2 told ANI.

The Province 2 cabinet meeting also had decided to carry out special preparations last month by forming a major welcoming committee and five other committees to prepare for Prime Minister Modi’s visit.

Indian Ambassador to Nepal Manjeev Singh Puri recently went on a visit to Janakpur to hold talks with the provincial government and priests at the Janaki Temple.(ANI)


This story has not been edited. It has been published as provided by ANI


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