Tripura CM Biplab Deb says nails of those criticising his govt should be chopped off


Hindustan Surkhiyan Desk:After a series of bizarre statements, Tripura chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb has courted yet another controversy as he issued a threat to all those criticising his government.

Biplab said that nails of those interfering in his government should be chopped off.

“Around 8 am, a vegetable vendor brings bottle gourd to the market. However, it gets rotten by 9 am due to the repeated digging of nails by customers. This should not happen with my government. No interference in my government. If someone pokes or interferes his nail should be chopped off. No one can touch my government,” ANI quoted Deb as saying in a video.

Deb has landed in several controversies through his remarks, including a claim on the use of the Internet and satellite during the Mahabharata era and a comment that the 1997 Miss World, Diana Hayden, was not worthy of being crowned a beauty queen. Although Deb later regretted the comment on Hayden, controversies continue to hound him.

Deb had on Monday suggested that Gautam Buddha had “walked on foot across India, Burma, Japan, Tibet and other countries”.

His controversial statements have drawn criticism from media, twitterati, intellectuals and political adversaries.

He went on to claim that civil engineers should join the civil services but not mechanical engineers. He asked unemployed youths to earn money by milking cows and rearing pigs and poultry instead of running after government jobs.


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