Paresh Rawal’s jibe, says ‘2019 election’s first trend is out, opposition trailing by 40 lakh votes’


Hindustan Surkhiyan Desk:Taking a dig at opposition over the NRC list in Assam, BJP MP Paresh Rawal on Thursday called it opposition’s defeat. Speaking on the issue Rawal said that, “The first trend of 2019 Lok Sabha election is out and the opposition is trailing by 40 lakh votes.”

This comes amid unrest in the parliament after 40 lakh people’s names were removed from the first draft of second National Register for Citizens list in Assam.

The opposition has been slamming the government over NRC issue; on the other hand, government claiming that everything has been done as per Supreme Court order.

The opposition has been creating ruckus in the upper house of parliament over the issue from past two days.

Mamata takes on government over NRC: 

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been slamming the government over NRC and has been accusing that everything is being done in government’s ‘personal interest’.

Mamata had also warned that exclusion of 4 million people from National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam could lead to “bloodbath” and a “civil war” in the country, which was strongly denounced by BJP president Amit Shah; followed by an FIR against her.

She also accused the Modi government of trying to make millions of people “stateless” in Assam for political gains.
Election Commission on NRC: 
Election Commission, which has to prepare a list of voters January 4, 2019 for general elections, has announced that there will be no affect of the new NRC draft on voter list.

The Election Commission also said that even after final draft is out and the person’s name is missing from that, even then the name shall not be removed and the commission would investigate the same before taking anyone’s right to vote.


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