Rahul Gandhi says ‘PM Modi anti-Dalit’; Amit Shah counters him in five tweets


Hindustan Surkhiyan Desk:BJP President Amit Shah on Thursday targetted Rahul Gandhi after the Congress President accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of having an “anti-Dalit” mindset.

While addressing a gathering during a protest over the dilution of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, at Jantar Mantar here, Gandhi alleged that Modi has an “anti-Dalit” mindset and asserted that his party will fight for an India where there is place for everybody.

“The atrocities act was brought by the Congress and the party will protect it together with everybody,” Gandhi said.

Dalits are being openly beaten and crushed in states where the BJP is in power, Gandhi said while addressing the gathering.

“We don’t want an India like this. We want an India in which there should be place for everybody, whether Dalits, poor, tribals or minorities… everybody should progress. We will fight for such an India,” he said.

Attacking the prime minister, Gandhi said, “His thinking is anti-Dalit. All Dalits and people from the weaker sections know that the prime minister has no place for Dalits in his heart and mind and wants to crush Dalits. That is why we are standing against him.”

Minutes later, Shah took to Twitter to counter Gandhi’s claims and urged the Gandhi scion to look into the past and contemplate on Congress’ “treatment towards Babasaheb Ambedkar, Babu Jagjivan Ram and Sitaram Kesari”.

The BJP leader alleged the Congress insulted Dalit aspirations for years.

“Would have been good if Congress President would have spoken about his Party’s treatment towards Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Babu Jagjivan Ram and Sitaram Kesari. Congress way of treating Dalits is patronising and condescending. For years Congress insulted Dalit aspirations,” Shah said in a series of tweets.

Referring to a bill brought by the Centre in Parliament to restore the original provisions in the SC/ST atrocity law, Shah said the NDA government, through a Cabinet decision and in Parliament ensured the strongest amendment to the Act.
The BJP president asked the Congress president to “give some time to facts”.

“Rahul Ji, when you are free from winking and disrupting Parliament, give some time to facts as well,” Shah said.

“Is it a co-incidence that the year Mrs. Sonia Gandhi joined the Congress, the Third Front-Congress Government opposed reservations in promotions and the year Rahul Gandhi becomes Congress President they oppose a tough SC/ SCT Act and OBC Commission! Anti-backward mindset visible,” he added.

Praising the Prime Minister, Shah said Modi’s legacy is “strongest amendments to SC/ ST Act, OBC Commission, Panchteerth and more while the Congress’ legacy is to “insult Dalit leaders, Dalit pride, oppose Mandal and block OBC Commission”.

“Mr. Rahul Gandhi, expecting research and honesty is difficult from you but do read Mr. Rajiv Gandhi’s speech during Mandal, when he opposed it tooth & nail. The sense of entitlement and hatred for backward communities comes out so clearly. And today you talk about Dalit welfare,” he said.



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