Ershad’s condition improves slightly


Hindustan Surkhiyan Desk: The health condition of Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad has slightly improved but he is yet to get out of danger.

GM Quader, acting chairman of Jatiya Party, made the statement yesterday after saying Juma prayers at Baitul Mukarram mosque.

Quader said, “He [Ershad] is doing better than before. His breathing issues have been slightly eased but he is yet to get out of danger.

“Ershad is still on life support. His breathing has improved after he was put on artificial ventilation.”

Ershad, the 89-year-old former military dictator who is now the main opposition leader in national parliament, have been undergoing treatment at Combined Military Hospital in Dhaka since June 26.

He has been on oxygen support since Sunday and placed on life support on Thursday.

According to Quader, doctors conducted a dialysis on Ershad on Thursday night to remove excess water from his body.

“Ershad received 28 bags of blood in the last seven days. Of those, eight bags were given in last eight hours,” he said.

Quader also said that the record of Ershad’s medical history was sent to doctors in Singapore and they advised not to move him anywhere in his present physical condition.

The doctors at CMH Dhaka are doing everything they can to ensure proper treatment to Ershad, Quader added.

Ershad was admitted to the hospital with low haemoglobin, high bilirubin, liver problems, severe knee pain and other old age complications.

Earlier on January 20, Ershad flew to Singapore’s National University Hospital for treatment and returned on February 4.


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