America is facing a dramatic diesel shortage


Americans experienced the impact of labor and product shortages in earnest during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than two years later, shortages continue to arise and impact Americans.

Earlier this month, Americans learned there was less than a month of diesel supply left in storage. It is the lowest storage supply since 2008 and has led to skyrocketing prices as U.S. refineries struggle to keep up with demand.

But it doesn’t stop there. Dozens of other sectors are struggling to meet demand––and the U.S. has experienced shortages ranging from employees to medications to parts needed for U.S. defense contractors’ weapons.

Kaitlin Wowak, an associate professor of operations management at Notre Dame University, said there are reasons why Americans are hurting for certain items. In diesel’s case, dwindling U.S. supplies are exacerbated by a ban on Russian imports. Wowak said the Russian-Ukraine war is impeding other sectors, too, as a slowed global supply chain is keeping suppliers from receiving materials in time.

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