BNP carrying out movement for a ‘thief’: Hasina

Hindustan Surkhiyan Desk: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said that her political arch-rival BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia is facing the punishment as the consequence of embezzling orphans’ money.

“Khaleda Zia got the punishment as she embezzled the orphans’ money. Now BNP is carrying out movement for a thief,” Hasina said while addressing a rally at Madrasha ground in Rajshahi city this afternoon.

Hasina also blasted Khaleda for depriving the orphans of their money since the last 27 years and raised a question about the location of the Zia Orphanage.

“They said the money got increased with interest. But who has misappropriated the money? Khaleda Zia and her family members and BNP leaders have done this. And thus, she is facing jail,” Hasina said.

Hasina said her party formed a trust after the name of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman for welfare of the poor leaders and activists of the party during the last caretaker government.

The then caretaker government conducted massive searches to find out corruption and anomalies but failed, the prime minister said.

The premier said she has lost her parents, brothers and relatives. “We got a house as ancestral property and some money but all have been donated for the welfare of destitute. We didn’t misappropriate orphans’ money,” Hasina.

Hasina also president of the ruling Awami League blasted the previous BNP-Jamaat-led government for turning the Rajshahi city into a terror and militant prone area.

“Rajshahi was a safe haven for militant. They (BNP-Jamaat) created Bangla Bhai and snatched people’s peace and sleep,” Hasina said.

Claiming that Awami League works for people, Hasina said her government comes to power to ensure development of the country and to give people something but they (BNP) destroy it.

Hasina also highlighted her government’s welfare and voluntary programmes and said: “Our aim is only to ensure people’s development while BNP works for looting.”

“If anyone cannot control greediness of misappropriating orphans’ money then what he or she would contribute for welfare of the countrymen?” Hasina said pointing finger at Khaleda Zia.

Hasina seeks vote for ‘boat’

Hasina also sought vote for ‘boat’, the electoral symbol of the party with a vow to boost the country’s peace, progress and development.

“Boat is your symbol. Boat is people’s symbol. The people of Bangladesh have achieved the rights to speak in Bangla as they voted for boat,” Hasina said citing historical facts.

She also said that the people of Bangladesh gained independence as they casted vote for boat.

The emotion-choked prime minister recalled the memories of August 15, 1975 and said she has lost everything including her father, mother, brothers and hosts of relatives in the gruesome attack.

“I have come to ensure the country’s development, change people’s fates and to build the Bangladesh as a hunger and poverty free, developed and prosperous country upholding the dream of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,” she said.

Hasina said the city corporations elections will be held immediately and the national election by December this year with the symbol of boat.

“I want vote for boat for the sake of the continuation of the development works. I want words from you. Please, give me the words waving your hands to vote for boat.”

The prime minister also reminded the people of the boat of the Prophet Noah (pbuh) – who made a huge ship – to save mankind and other creatures of the earth and said, “Please give me another chance to boost the country’s development and progress by voting for boat.”

After getting words from the people attended the rally, a smiling Hasina also vowed to take the country to a new height by ensuring its development, peace and progress.thedailystar

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