By brokering Saudi-Iran deal, China is taking steps to create a ‘World Order’ – senior US statesman Henry Kissinger claims


Washington – “China constantly demanded that they should be included in the world order. Now China has taken important steps towards establishing the world order by brokering a deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran,” said former US Secretary of State and senior diplomat Henry Kissinger. At the same time, Kissinger said that Saudi Arabia, a partner of the United States for several decades, is now balancing between the United States and China

Arabia and Iran has been broken. In such a situation, China mediated and brought reconciliation between the two countries. China is getting the credit for this and because of this, China’s position in international politics has become stronger. Especially in the Middle East region, there is no longer a situation where no one else can replace the United States. American analysts and journalists say China is replacing the United States in the Middle East. Henry Kissinger also seems to have confirmed this.

Cooperation between Saudi and Iran has increased the challenge before Israel. Kissinger pointed out that China’s interests must also be considered when pressuring Iran in the future. While the issue of Iran’s nuclear program is on the agenda, Kissinger seems to have pointed out that the deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran is adding to Israel’s concerns.

Moreover, American analysts, journalists and diplomats criticise the Biden administration for deliberately ignoring the Middle East region and providing countries like China and Russia an opportunity to increase their influence here. Due to this, the interests of the United States in the Middle East region are in danger. All of them say that this mistake will be costly in the future. The Biden administration of the United States has not directly reacted to this. However, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has expressed satisfaction over the deal between Saudi and Iran. But the US Secretary of State has raised doubts whether Iran will stick to its promises.

Meanwhile, China is taking credit for it by mediating between Saudi and Iran. But the Houthi rebels in Yemen, as well as countries like Bahrain, are reacting cautiously. Houthi rebels have warned that their anti-Saudi activities will not stop even if Iran’s relations with the Saudis improve. Bahrain has declared that cooperation between Iran and Saudi will not affect the cooperation of the Middle East with Israel. So cooperation between Iran and Saudi seems to be cautiously considered in the Middle East.

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