DU’s Dyal Singh college will not be known as “Vande Matram Mahavidyalya”


New Delhi: Delhi University’s Dyal Singh Evening College will continue to be known by its original name. Prakash Javadekar said on Friday that the University Grants Commission (UGC) has not received any proposal for its renaming.

“UGC has not received any proposal from the university to consider its renaming. Hence, the question doesn’t arise to rename it. It will continue to be known as Dyal Singh College,” Javadekar told reporters.

The minister had earlier this month informed Parliament that the college’s plan to rename the college to “Vande Matram Mahavidyalya” was not approved by the government and that the college had been asked to put the decision on hold.

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Javadekar had last week met Delhi University vice-chancellor Yogesh Tyagi and the chairman of Dyal Singh College, and advised them to think of a name for the evening college of the institution, which reflects Dyal Singh Majithia’s legacy.

The decision to rename was made by the Governing Body of the institution on November 17. This was done to establish a separate identity for the evening college once it is converted into a  morning college.

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