Facebook is removing the ‘like’ button!


Facebook has also updated its task-based admin controls, made navigation easy and has improved actionable insights and safety features.

Facebook pages of brands, public figures and artists will no longer have the like button, said the social media giant in its revamped design of public pages. The pages will now solely focus on Followers.

According to Facebook, this will simplify how the user connects with Facebook pages. “Unlike Likes, Followers of a Page represent the people who can receive updates from Pages, which helps give public figures a stronger indication of their fan base,” said a blog post.

In the new design, Facebook pages will only show followers and not likes acquired in a post and there will also be a dedicated News Feed where users can join conversations, the page holders can engage with followers and interact will peers. The redesign was rolled out on January 06.

The resigned layout has changes made in News Feed. Facebook has also updated its task-based admin controls, made navigation easy and has improved actionable insights and safety features.

Users can switch between public pages and personal profile quickly. Finding the bios, posts and other important info of the users has also been streamlined. The new admin control features will enable public page holders to choose between giving full control or partial access to trusted admins. The users can choose specific tasks like Content, Ads, Insights, Messages and Community activities to give access to.

The improved safety features will ensure that impersonator accounts and spams are detected with more accuracy to ensure the integrity of the account.

With the dedicated News Feed users will get suggestions to interact or follow peer public pages, groups and other trending content. Comments made by these public figures will pop up on the top of the news feed and users can start following a page from the comments and recommendations itself. This way page conversations will be made more visible to a wider audience, said the blog post.

Users can also host a Q&A to support more interactive conversation with followers. With these followers can ask a question on a topic the user wants to talk about and on answering the questions it will become a part of a stack of questions that other followers can also swipe through. If not ended manually, the Q&A ends automatically after 24 hours.

With the updated safety features, page admins can easily detect hate speech or any violent, untoward content. In due course, Facebook will expand the visibility of authentic Pages and profiles and comments made by them will appear higher in comments sections and better visible on the news feed.❐

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