Formation of the ‘News Portal Editors Forum’: President Darpan Kabir, General Secretary Shah J. Choudhury


New York Correspondent: The ‘News Portal Editors Forum’ was formed in New York on the first day of the year. The forum was formed by the editors of various news portals at a meeting held on January 1, 2022 at a restaurant in Jackson Heights, New York City.

According to the concerned, this forum will play a role in influencing free journalism all over the world including Bangladesh. To improve the professional standards of journalism meetings, seminars and open discussions will be held there. The forum will also play a role in creating public opinion for oppressed and deprived journalists. To this end, a new executive committee of 5 members was formed on this day. Editor of, Darpan Kabir has been elected as the Chairman of the founding executive committee and Shah J Choudhury, editor of ( has been elected as the General Secretary.

Besides, Mohammad Hossain Dipu, editor of has been elected as the Treasurer and the elected Executive Members are Mizanur Rahman, editor of and Pulak Mahmud, editor of banglanewsusa24.

AKM Fazlul Haque, editor of, has been elected as the Chief Advisor of the organization. The Founding Members of the organization are Ibrahim Chowdhury Khokon (Editor,, Mohammad Saeed (Editor,, Shawkat Osman Rachi (Editor,, Mohammad Mashiur Rahaman Majumder (Editor,, Golam Mostafa Sangram (Editor,, Husneara Choudhury (Editor, and Sanjida Akhter (Editor,

The main committee and head office of the organization will be in New York, however, different branch committees can be opened in different countries.

The organization made its debut at a party hall in Jackson Heights, New York.

Translated by Zahan Ara Dolon

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