`Goat` gets police job in USA


A goat has joined the US Police Department. According to a source of Rocky Hill Police Department, the goat named Bonnie joined the Rocky Hill Police Department in Connecticut State of USA.

Despite the trained dogs used to help in the work of police department of different countries of the world over the ages, but now it is known that the first United States Police Department has joined a goat the department said.

“Although goats are not known to be aggressive, when properly trained, they can utilize their keen scene of smell to locate evidence, track suspects and even utilize their horns to subdue criminals when necessary,” Rocky Hill police said.

One of the benefits of goats, police said, is that they really will eat anything, making them more cost-effective than their K9 counterparts. However, there have been studies that looked into whether or not dogs will also eat anything you put in front of them–especially if they know they’re not supposed to have it.

Bonnie came to the department from Hayes Farm 1868. The farm has been breeding goats, specifically Oberhasli, to expand goat patrols with police in the region.❐


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