Gujarat Assembly Polls: PM Modi lists out Congress leaders who abused him in the past


The prime minister’s comments come a day after Mani Shankar Aiyar set off a political firestorm when he called Modi a “neech kism ka aadmi”.

New Delhi: With barely few hours left for the first phase of Gujarat elections, PM Narendra Modi listed out Congress leaders who used insulting, abusive and lewd names against him in the past.

Addressing a rally in Nikol area of Ahmedabad, Modi said Sonia Gandhi and her family members have often called him ‘Neech’.

“They have not called me ‘Neech’ for the first time yesterday. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and her family members have used it too. Why am I ‘Neech’ – because I was born poor, because I am of a lower caste, because I am a Gujarati? Is that why they hate me,” Modi said.

Modi recounted former Congress minister Anand Sharma calling him mentally unstable.

“What did Anand Sharma say- PM Modi is mentally unstable. One Congress leader re-tweeted such an offensive Tweet about me that I cannot even say it. What did Digvijaya Singh Tweet about me?,” he said.

Modi said evidently, one Gujarati, a person born into a poor family has troubled the Congress a lot.

“Divijaya Singh said Modi Sarkar is like Rakshas Raaj and Modi is Ravana.  Pramod Tiwari, who headed the Congress in UP, said Modi is in the list of Hitler, Mussolini and Gaddafi.”

“Day and night the Congress has abused me. I keep quiet only because my priority is work.”

“One more Congress leader called me a monkey.  Jairam Ramesh compared me to Bhasmasur.  Beni Prasad Verma called me a mad dog. He also said we won’t let this mad dog win. Ghulam Nabi Azad said I am Gangu Teli,” he listed out.

“Imran Massod, who they gave a ticket to, he said we will cut Modi into pieces.  Renuka Chowdhury called me a virus. She said I bring Namonitis,” Modi added.

Lambasting the party, he asked where is the decency in the language Congress leaders have used for him.

“What did I do to deserve this. Is it my crime that the people of India have reposed their faith in me.”

Congress leader Randeep Surejwala in the morning reminded him of using ’50 crore rupee girlfriend’ remark used against Shashi Tharoor in the previous state election in 2o12.

The districts of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar,Vadodara will go to poll in the second phase on December 14. Results will be out on December 18.

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