Inauguration of the Jalalabad Association members’ own building in New York


New York correspondent: One of the biggest Bangladeshi organizations, Jalalabad Association of America Inc., finally got its own building in New York after a protracted wait.

On January 8 (Sunday), a large number of people from the community, including Sylhety expatriates, attended the opening ceremony. The people of Jalalabad thanked Moinul Islam for fulfilling their dream.

The building in Astoria, Queens, was reportedly purchased for $8.4 million by the previous committee president of the Jalalabad Association, Helal Chowdhury, the current general secretary, Moinul Islam, and the former general secretary, Mizanur Rahman Shefaz. The largest buying contribution came from Moinul Islam. His election campaign pledge has been fulfilled in this.

Along with Jalalabad Association of America, Inc. members, a sizable crowd attended the inaugural ceremony. They expressed gratitude to the current general secretary, Moinul Islam, for acquiring this structure.

According to the general secretary, the building’s monthly mortgage payment is $5,400. Two floors generate $6,800 per month in revenue. From this side, we are making money. The walk-out basement of the building will be used as the organization’s office. Jalalabad’s building will run on its own income. The state-of-the-art hallroom in the basement has been declared open for the 11 upazilas of Sylhet. It has the facilities of a modern sound system and a digital banner. It can be used without paying.

Speakers at the Jalalabad building’s opening ceremony were Shaukat Ali, Manzoor Ahmed Chowdhury, Fakhrul Islam Delwar, Rana Chowdhury, Juned Khan, Khalil Ahmed, Asad Uddin, Shefaz, Sheikh Jamal, Haji Enam, MN Mazumder, AFM Zaman, and MA Karim. Abdul Jabbar, Masuk Mia, Pongki Mia, Maulana Saiful Alam Siddiqui, Rumana Ahmed, Monir Ahmed, Jalal Ahmed, Shah Mizan, Farooq Shamim, Modabbir Hossain, Abdul Raza, Haji Abdul Jabbar, Shamsul Islam, Bilal Chowdhury, and Azam Chowdhury were also among the speakers at the event.

Translated by Zahan Ara Dolon


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