Man behind series of Greenwich Village attacks remains on the loose


The man behind a series of attacks in Greenwich Village remains on the run.

The suspect’s violent rampage started Saturday night, when he slashed three innocent pedestrians along Christopher Street.

Workers at a corner smoke shop on Christopher St. and 7th Avenue tell Eyewitness News the suspect was in their store moments earlier, sitting on top of their glass case, throwing the garbage can and were trying to get behind the counter – all while spewing racial slurs.

“I had a couple of friends who pushed him out across the street exposing himself. He’s a nut, this guy,” said store worker Dushyant Patel.

Detectives believe the man went on an unprovoked punching spree on Saturday night when the area was busy with pedestrians. His victims had no warning.

Officials say a 22-year-old woman was left with a busted lip. A 35-year-old man got a cut on his nose. Three minutes later, a 60-year-old man was struck and left with a laceration to his mouth.

Workers are now pressing for police patrols – especially at night.

“Two cops should be here because this spot is dangerous. Lots of concern,” says worker Nehad Ahmed.

Workers say they didn’t recognize the man from the neighborhood and that he definitively did not act sober.

Police have posted wanted sheets on area stores, hoping someone may recognize the man thought to be in his mid-20’s, about six feet tall and 175 pounds.




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