Mugshots: 25 alleged gang members busted in the Bronx


Hindustan Surkhiyan Desk:Dozens of alleged gang members were arrested in a large takedown in the Bronx Wednesday morning.

Authorities say 25 suspects were taken into custody and charged with narcotics conspiracy, and they are also suspected in as many as four murders.

The arrests are the latest in a string of successful joint operations between the NYPD and federal authorities.

The suspects were identified as:
–Melvin Alston AKA Mel, AKA Melly Mel
–Anthony Rodriguez AKA Ant, AKA A, AKA A-1
–Roberto Jorge
–Giovanni Torres
–Miguel Rodriguez AKA Miggy
–Carlos Calaff AKA Ivo Hooly, AKA Ivan
–Xavier Rodriguez AKA Anthony Massallo
–Cory Madison AKA Gutta
–Christian Renzulli AKA Twin
–Zonie Square AKA Z
–Khalid Donaldson AKA Red, AKA Goldie
–Justin Lopez AKA Jay, AKA B-Hooly
–Tujuan Ford AKA Twizzy
–Curtis Johnson AKA Beck
–Samuel Vargas AKA Puba
–Kerron Jack AKA K
–Jean Ortega
–Jose Flores AKA Tone
–Julio Matias
–Jesus Martinez AKA Curly
–Michael Negron
–Martin Mateo
–Arnaldo Santiago AKA Big Man
–Christopher Alamo AKA CJ
–Taquan Young AKA Tate

“The defendants in this case plied their poison, including heroin and oxycodone, across two Bronx playgrounds, endangering the lives of many in the neighborhood,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said. “Our focus on crime-and violence-is unwavering, and it is exhibited clearly in today’s action.”

Authorities say that beginning in 2017, investigators began looking into a crew operating in the vicinity of Fox Street and Leggett Avenue in the Bronx. They say members and associates operated an open-air drug market in the residential neighborhood, including within and around two playgrounds, and sold crack, heroin, oxycodone and marijuana.

Officials say that In order to protect drug turf and advance aims, members and associates also committed acts of violence, including shootings.


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