On Shah J. Chowdhury’s birthday, Distributed food and masks to street children


Zahan Ara Dolon: Distribution of food and masks to street children on Shah J Chowdhury’s birthday.

Today, April 22, is the birthday of Shah J Chowdhury, the founder and president of a New York based organization, the Shah Foundation, .

The head of the Shah Foundation naturally thought of celebrating a birthday without much pomp and ceremony. It cannot be called a celebration. He wanted to share love on this special day in his own way.

Shah J Chowdhury decided to feed the poor and street children at least one meal on his birthday.

According to the plan, food was distributed to about 100 children in Malibagh and Khilgaon railway slums of Dhaka. Masks are also distributed along with food packets.

Wakil Ahmed, Mohammad Selim Reza, staffs of Save the Children and CARE Bangladesh were in overall support of the event.

Shah J Chowdhury told Ruposhi Bangla that he has more plans for the destitute, refugees and street children. He wants to do more for them in the future.


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