Passport may not work as address proof anymore


NEW DELHI: The passport you carry may no longer be accepted as a valid address proof as the Ministry of External Affairs is considering a proposal of printing passports without the last page that contains the residential address of the holder.

The last page of the passport will be blank in the new version, reported NDTV. The decision to keep the last page blank has been taken as a measure to protects details.

Currently, the first page of the passport has the holder’s photograph, his name and other details. The address is printed on the last page.

The change will not affect the validity of the passports and the information that used to be there on the last page will be saved in the system.

Passports in India are issued in three colours: White for officials who visit other countries on government work, red for diplomats and blue for others.

Indian Security Press, Nasik will design the new passports.





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