South Korea fire at public gym and sauna kills 29


A fire at a sports centre in South Korea has killed 29 people and left many others injured.

The fire, which started in the basement of an eight-storey building, occurred in the southern city of Jecheon.

Footage showed dark plumes of smoke as the blaze, which has now largely been extinguished, engulfed the property.

Most of the victims were trapped in a sauna on the second floor. Officials say the death toll could rise as firefighters continue their search.

Some 20 people were rescued from the rooftop after taking refuge from the fire.
Several of the survivors were taken hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation, officials said.

As many as 60 firefighters attended the scene on Thursday in the city, 168km (104 miles) southeast of Seoul, they added.

Heavy smoke continues to hamper the search and rescue operation, the authorities said.

The building houses a fitness centre, restaurants and a public sauna, reports BBC.

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