The Jalalabad Association: come to consensus, not discord


Ruposhi Bangla Report: The Jalalabad Association is one of the regional groups for Bangladeshis in New York. Recently, there have been disagreements among the newly elected committee regarding the purchase of the association building. It is known among the local Bengalis that this division is not limited to the committee; it has been spread among the entire Jalalabad population. There are continuous complaints and threats.

Local media and social media are also discussing the purchase of the Jalalabad building.

According to special sources, former committee president Moinul Haque Chowdhury Helal, general secretary Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury Shefaz, and Moinul Islam, along with their committee, bought the building in Astoria.

They claimed that unique circumstances forced them to buy the building. But ego is now the fundamental issue. The question is being raised in each field: who will get credit for the Jalalabad building? Based on such questions, the committee splits. As a result, deadlock was created in the committee. But the people concerned complained that the advisory council did not come forward to play any role in solving the problem. As a result, the Advisory Council had to make a decision in defiance of the Constitution.

Naturally, as it was the decision of an expired advisory committee, it was ruled invalid.

In New York, no social organization is granted a bank loan in its own name. If you want to buy something with a bank loan, you have to buy it in the name of someone. Those who are making a fuss about the new building in Jalalabad in Astoria are doing this knowingly.

Former president Moinul Haque Chowdhury Helal explained the situation clearly. On the afternoon of January 22, he also visited the new building. At this time, Bangladesh Society President Abdur Rob Mia, General Secretary Ruhul Amin Siddiqui, Senior Vice President Mohiuddin, Treasurer Naushad Hossain, and many others have come forward and expressed their reactions.

Bangladesh Society President Abdur Rob Mia said that many things can be done through reconciliation without going into conflict. He urged the current president to come to a compromise.

General Secretary Ruhul Amin Siddiqui said that non-profit organizations cannot purchase buildings or take loans from banks. That is why some approach has to be adopted. This is a fact. He urged everyone to compromise for the people of Jalalabad.

Former president Moinul Haque Chowdhury Helal said that the owner of this building is the Jalalabad Association. Treasurer Moinul Islam formed a corporation on his own initiative and purchased the building. He had no choice. After purchasing the building, Moinul Islam made a deed to give it to Jalalabad. He also presented that paper to everyone. Here are our signatures.

In a response to an inquiry about the advisory council, he claimed that the council could have brought the two parties together. But they made the unconstitutional decision to forgo doing so. They have failed to play a neutral role.

In a response to a question, he said this advisory council has expired. In response to a query regarding the funds raised for flood assistance, he stated that the running committee had also received the deposit and expenditures. About 47 thousand dollars were raised for the flood victims. From this, about 1 lakh and 20 thousand were spent to build homes in various parts of Bangladesh. Over $20,000 has been spent there. The remaining amount is deposited in the Jalalabad fund. He presented all the documents in front of everyone.

Regarding the show-cause notice to General Secretary Moinul Islam, he said it is illegal and unconstitutional. The show cause notice is invalid because no decision has been made and the matter is still pending.

Moinul Islam said this building is for the Jalalabad Association. I don’t want to say more about it. I prepared all the documents and submitted them to the former president. He presented them in front of everyone.

Fazlur Rahman, a former member of the Election Commission, congratulated Moinul Islam for buying the building and said that over the course of the past 38 years, many people have filled this role. He claimed that although money was repeatedly withdrawn and spent, no one bought the building. If Moinul Islam made a mistake, it was most likely made in good faith. Due to the circumstances, Moinul did it and said the Jalalabad Association is the owner. How could this structure be bought in the name of Jalalabad? What standing does Jalalabad possess? Who will accept the blame? Was it a mistake for Moinul to accept responsibility?

He also said that the advisers did not fulfill their duties. They were biased. They have done this for their own future. We did not expect this from them. They have lost their acceptance. For them, their own interests were greater than the dreams of the Jalalabad Association. Yamin Rashid said that the Constitution is not the Bible or the Koran; everything must be obeyed. The Constitution is made for the benefit of the people. The Constitution can also be changed for the benefit of the people. Everyone should come to an agreement without doing dirty politics on this. We want this building at any cost.

Sharif Lashkar said that the bank does not approve loans to non-profit organizations. So alternatives have been thought of. Only humans can make mistakes. That mistake cannot be rectified by compromise. This issue should be resolved through compromise rather than mudslinging. It is a profitable building. even in a place like Astoria. No need to politicize it.

M. Karim said, “We want this building at any cost.” Several other speakers spoke in favor of compromise and building.

Translated by Zahan Ara Dolon


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