A new hospital Opening of Elmhurst Medical in Jackson Heights, New York


Zahan Ara Dolon: A new hospital called Elmhurst Medical has opened in Jackson Heights, a Bengali-dominated area of ​​New York. The hospital was inaugurated on the afternoon of August 28. The hospital was inaugurated by Dr. Chowdhury Hasan, Dr. Selina Islam and Dr. Sania Ahmed. Leaders of organizations representing the community and dignitaries were present there.

Authorities and officials said that, Elmhurst Medical will be led by a new generation of three Bangladeshi doctors, Dr Chowdhury Hasan, Dr Selina Islam and Dr Sania Ahmed. Elmhurst Medical is equipped with fully sophisticated equipment and adequate beds. There is also a large waiting room for patients to sit.

The event was attended by Shibli, President of New Hawk & Sons Fazlul Haque, President of Bangla Channel Shah J Chowdhury, Real Estate Businessman Moinul Islam, Industrialist, Zahirul Islam, Rehana Hasan, And Swapna Islam. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bangladesh Society Mr M Aziz, Dr Touhid, Dr Merajul Haque Sohag, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Bangladesh Society Azimur Rahman Borhan, President of the Jamaica Bangladesh Friends Society Fakhrul Islam Delwar, President of the Moulvibazar District Association Mr Fazlu Miah, Zakiganj Society General Secretary Ifzal Chowdhury, eminent businessman Sekil Chowdhury, eminent businessman Bijoy Islam, FM Misbah Uzzaman, General Secretary of Jackson Heights Merchant Association Mohammad Alam Nami and mainstream politician Mary Zubaida were present at the event.

They said there are specialists in medicine, gynecology, gastroenterology, cardiology and pediatrics. In addition, there will be flu shots, vaccines, blood tests, urine tests, Hodge vaccine, allergy tests, various tests to control blood pressure and diabetes. Elmhurst Medical at 4016, 74th Street will be open seven days a week.

Special services will include treatments for chronic diseases such as women’s health, heart disease, foot care or pain, abdominal pain, liver disease, upset stomach, constipation, reflux, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Authorities say many in our community cannot give an accurate description of the disease due to language problems. Proper treatment is not possible without an accurate description of the disease. That’s why Elmhurst Medical has doctors of all languages. Because the goal of this hospital is not a business, but to ensure better medical care for the people. The hospital will accept all types of insurance.


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