Actor Ranvir Shorey says, Marijuana should be legal in India


A top Bollywood actor has called for the legalization of marijuana in India. Bollywood actor Ranvir Shorey has said this. Ranvir Shorey said this in an interview given to Hindustan Times.

“I think drug consumption in Bollywood is the same proportion as it is generally in society. I have seen drugs at non-Bollywood parties as well”, he said about the alleged drug parties in Bollywood.

“I am of the belief even marijuana should be legal in India. It is based on very archaic laws; it is legal in a lot of countries. I believe this is another colonial hangover that we have — laws which are hundreds of years old and have not been changed. Marijuana laws are so old, they ought to be changed now”, Ranvir Shorey said in the interview.❐


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