Ashish, a young man from Kolkata, India, is a client of an account with the State Bank of India. He was stopped short by wearing shorts while entering a branch of the bank in Kolkata.


Aman alleged that he was denied entry in one of the branches of the State Bank of India(SBI) due to his attire. The man from Kolkata, who is identified as Ashish, took to Twitter to share his grievance and it has gone viral online.

In his Twitter post, Ashish said he was wearing a pair of shorts while entering the bank. However, the staff at the bank asked him to come back wearing full pants as “they expected a certain level of decency”.

“Hey @TheOfficialSBI. Went to one of your branches today wearing shorts, was told that I needed to come back wearing full pants as the branch expects customers to “maintain decency,” Ashish wrote in his post.

“Is there some sort of official policy on what a customer can wear and cannot wear?” he added.

Ashish also informed that a similar incident had happened in Pune in the year 2017 as well, wherein a man was denied entry because he was wearing Bermuda shorts.

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