Don’t divide what is homosexual, heterosexual relationship: Karan Johar


Mumbai: Filmmaker Karan Johar says he knows that the society looks at a relationship between homosexuals with a different lens, and understands how tough dealing with it can be.

The filmmaker expressed his views while talking about the fundamentals of dating amongst homosexuals on “Calling Karan” on ISHQ 104.8 FM, a statement said.

“Firstly, I don’t want you to divide what is homosexual and heterosexual. Let’s talk about it as a relationship. Yes I do understand that there is a difference because of society and I know how tough it is. When it comes to a man dating a man, understand that men are different from women in that respect. It’s not about orientation it’s just the way men are cut out to be,” Karan said.

“They don’t like anyone who comes on so strong initially and even if women had to do the same they would back off. So sometimes you got to take it easy. If you meet someone on a coffee date allow him to take it on a dinner date and then into like sex. And after that don’t immediately start painting the picture of a future,” he added.

Talking about the dating perception amongst gay men, Karan said: “Don’t be over-eager in the beginning. Allow a relationship to nurture as it takes a while. Stop trying to get married from the first time you meet them. You always feel ‘ohh!! This is the one’.

“Just because your lover is good in bed and you have a great physical chemistry or conversation chemistry doesn’t mean that they are your spouses for life. It just means that you are hitting it off and allow your relationship to breathe. Sometimes you yourself will realise that ‘hey! This one is not worth it. It’s not working out’ or maybe you will realise that ‘let me give it sometime’. And let me tell you, to look for monogamy in a gay relationship or for that matter any relationship in these days is not easy.”





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