Facebook to make changes to ad metrics


New York [USA], Feb 23 (ANI): Social media giant Facebook is all set to make major changes to its ad metrics, aiming to clean up and clarify the way advertisers measure their campaign performance.

According to TechCrunch, the metrics will now be labelled and Facebook will explicitly point out when an ad metric is an estimate, in development or both.

Edward Gaffney, director of implementation research at ad agency GroupM and part of Facebook’s measurement council, said that advertisers are used to working with estimates, but he recalled that even in the measurement council there was some uncertainty around which numbers were estimated versus directly measured.

“So this kind of clarity is needed to understand that an estimate is just that – it’s better than a guess, but it is not the absolute truth,” TechCrunch quoted Gaffney as saying.

Further, some of the metrics might eventually disappear entirely if they’re not helpful to advertisers.

Vice President, marketing science, Facebook, Brad Smallwood added that the social giant plans to remove 20 metrics in July because they were judged redundant, outdated, not actionable or infrequently used.

He also added that it’s natural for Facebook to experiment with the most effective ways to present its data.

By labeling a measurement as in development, the platform is telling advertisers to expect those measurements to change.

Lastly, the social media giant will also be launching a new initiative called Measure What Matters, combining in-person events, online events and online content to help advertisers understand more about how to measure and improve their campaigns. (ANI)


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