Major argument breaks out between Delhi CM & BJP leaders over sealing issue


New Delhi: A major argument broke out between Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and BJP Vijendra Gupta after a meeting took place between two leaders over the sealing matter. 

The incident took place when BJP MLAs along with Delhi BJP chief went at Kejriwal’s residence to ban sealing which has been going on in the national capital.

An argument broke out when BJP MLAs sought to hold the meeting in a closed room which was refused by AAP Government as it has invited its MLAs and consulars.

Post the argument, BJP MLAs walked out of Kejriwal’s residence and raised slogans against Delhi government.

The sealing issue comes under the MCD, which falls under BJP government.

Lashing out at Delhi CM, Delhi BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari said, “I was insulted at Kejriwal’s residence. We went for a meeting at his residence but he called 150 people and media to insult us. When I wrote to them, they wrote to LG and asked for a meeting”.

Immediately after the incident, Kejriwal held a press briefing and hit back at BJP saying, “The matter falls under the Lieutenant Governor and not us. If LG wanted, not even one shop would have been sealed in Delhi, which claimed jobs of so many people”.

“I called my MLAs and consulars for the meeting with BJP MLAs and thought would come to a consensus. But, as soon as we were going to begin a meeting, BJP MLAs demanded that they want to hold a meeting in a closed room, which I refused because it is not a personal matter but the matter of common man” Kejriwal added.

“Delhi Government will go to Supreme Court to seek temporary halt on sealing next week” Kejriwal said. He also sought that “BJP should bring an ordinance to ban sealing.




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