Rathindra Nath Roy and the Anuswar’s variegated birthdays


Zahan Ara Dolon: January 23 was the 73rd birthday of Bangladeshi folk musician Rathindra Nath Roy. Shah J Choudhury, Editor of the New York based monthly Magazine Anuswar and the CEO of Bangla Channel, hosted the artist’s birthday party. This same day was the first anniversary of Anuswar Magazine.

Community activists Gopal Sanyal, Sanjivan Kumar and Kanu Dutta played a significant role in organizing the celebrations of 73rd birthday of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra and Ekushey Padak winning singer Rathindra Nath Roy and the first anniversary of Anuswar Magazine.

On the occasion, Rathindra Nath Roy unveiled the cover of the anniversary issue of Anuswar Magazine. Celebrating the joint birthday of a creative person and the medium of creativity Anuswar turns into a friendly chat and colorful arrangement.

Editor of Anuswar, Shah J Choudhury said that the event had to be limited due to the Covid-19 situation. A small number of New York City dignitaries, journalists, community activists, reciters were present at the event. Director of Sahitya Academy, New York, Mosharraf Hossain anchored the program.

Music artist Rathindra Nath Roy’s 73rd birthday was celebrated with birthday cake. He was accompanied by his wife and well wishers on the occasion. In his response, Rathindra Nath Roy said, ‘I want to sing until I die. I never wanted to be rich. Still don’t want to. I want to live like a simple human being. I want to live in peace.’

The dignitaries wished Rathindra Nath Roy a happy birthday with flowers. They demanded the Swadhinata Padak for musician Rathindra Nath Roy.

Musician Rathindra Nath Roy won the Ekushey Padak in 1995.

Writer and journalist Darpan Kabir, director of Sahitya Academy, New York, Mosharraf Hossain, journalist Hasanuzzaman Saki, community activist Gopal Sanyal and the editor of Anuswar, Shah J Choudhury delivered their speeches on the occasion.

After that, the cover of the special issue of the anniversary of the monthly Anuswar Magazine was unveiled. AKM Fazlul Haque, advisor to the Anuswar magazine and Chairman of Bangla channel and freedom fighter, took part in the unveiling event. The body size of this special issue of Anuswar, attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone appreciated its quality writing and artistic work.


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