Two NYC medical examiners charged with stealing thousands of dollars from dead people’s credit cards


Two mortuary technicians with the New York City medical examiner’s office stole thousands of dollars from the dead — nicking debit cards to make their own purchases, federal authorities said Tuesday.

The technicians, Charles McFadgen, 66, and Willie Garcon, 50, were hit in the two separate cases in Brooklyn Federal Court Tuesday.

Both worked for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in the city.

Garcon is accused of spending more than $6,500 in unauthorized purchases using the credit cards of dead people while McFadgen spent more than $13,500 in illegal purchases using the cards of five dead people, the feds claimed.

Garcon, who also worked as a mortuary technician in New Jersey, was separately charged in state court in the Garden State for a similar crime last year.❐


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