Woman victim in viral video is from Bangladesh; Incident happened in India


One Rifatul Islam Hridoy alias Tiktok Hridoy from Bangladesh was found to be directly involved in the case, Bangladesh Police

Guwahati: The girl on the viral video being sexually assaulted was reported to be a Bangladeshi national, as confirmed by a senior Bangladesh police official on Thursday.

However, the video of the Bangladeshi girl being undressed and sexually abused was reportedly shot in India’s Karnataka.

As per police reports, the video was taken nearly 15-16 days ago.

In the meanwhile, Bangladesh police also revealed that a photo posted on the Facebook ID of a young man in Dhaka’s Moghbazar resembling one of the culprits was found.

After investigation, the police have identified his real name and address. His name is Rifatul Islam Hridoy alias Ridoy Babo.

Reportedly, Rifatul Islam Hridoy came to India three to four months back and was involved in many illegal activities through TikTok.

He left Bangladesh to India without informing his parents, informed a senior police official from Bangladesh.

Police also recovered his voter ID card, Registration card, JEC exam admit card etc.

Furthermore, the police have also found the family members of the victim woman in Bangladesh.

As per reports, the girl had no contact with her family members for the past two years.

Although Hridoy is said to be currently stationed in Karnataka, India, his real location has been identified and it is being verified whether he has entered India illegally or not.

In addition to identifying those who were heartfelt associates, it is being verified whether they are Bangladeshi or Indian citizens.

It is also known that the victim girl’s husband lives in Kuwait. They got married in the year 2014.

The victim girl had to endure the torture of her in-laws since her marriage. That’s why she lived in her father’s house for about five years after marriage.

The girl tried to go to Saudi Arabia to meet her father’s financial needs. Her father reportedly managed her around Rs 30,000 to send her to Saudi Arabia through a broker. Then the young woman left for India without telling anyone.❐


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