Awarding the ‘Dhrubatara Sammanana 2021’ in New York


Zahan Ara Dolon: The awarding of the ‘Dhrubatara Sanmanana 2021’ was held on July 16 in New York at the occasion of Bangla Channel’s anniversary celebration. The main organizer of the award, Shah J Chowdhury, founder of Bangla Channel and Shah Foundation, in an interview with Ruposhi Bangla said that, ‘Dhrubotara Sammanana’ is not an award. The ‘Dhrubotara Sammanana’ is like its name, an honor. Our regards. The one who serves the best and brings success for the country and the nation is not an ordinary person. We are proud of him who became famous through his work. He is our pride. We are indebted to him. So, we want to honor and respect him for repaying this debt.

‘They are the shining stars in our sky,’ he said. Some people are born on earth like glowing stars. Their talents, knowledge and actions make them unforgettable in the society. In order to appraise them, Shah J Choudhury has taken such a big step on behalf of the Shah Foundation in New York by honouring them with ‘Dhrubatara Sammanna’.

This is the first time that ‘Dhrubatara Sammanna’ has been announced. Five personalities have won the first ‘Dhrubatara Sammanna 2021’. The honorees of these honors are composer & music director Sheikh Sadi Khan (Ekushey Padak), Bangladeshi musician Rathindranath Roy (Ekushey Padak), Shahid Hasan (vocalist) of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, Physician Mohammad Merajul Haque Sohag and the Bangladesh Society of New York, an organization of Bangladeshis in New York.

The first three eminent persons were honored for their colorful careers. Physician Mohammad Merajul Haque Sohag and the Bangladesh Society of New York were honored for their unique role during the Coronavirus epidemic.

The award was presented in a stylish ceremony on the night of July 16.

After the presentation of the ‘Dhrubatara Sammanna’ memento, there was a huge response in the Bangladeshi community in New York. And there was a lot of reaction in the country’s elite. Two of the honorees, Rathindranath Roy and Shahid Hasan said in an immediate response that, they were overwhelmed by the ‘Dhrubatara Sammanna’.

Mainstream politicians from the United States and New York, handed over the commemorative certificates and crests at the ceremony. On behalf of the Bangladesh Society of New York, M Aziz, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bangladesh Society and eminent businessman, received a memorandum ‘Dhrubatara Sammanna 2021’, certificate and crest from New York State Assemblyman John Liu.

Singer Rathindranath Roy, received ‘Dhrubatara Sammanna 2021’ memorandum, certificate and crest from Jessica Gonzalez Rojas, an assemblywoman from District 34, New York City. Shekhar Krishan, a newly elected Primary (District-25 Assembly candidate) from the Jackson Heights, handed over the ‘Dhrubatara Sammanna 2021’ memento, certificate and crest to vocalist Shahid Hasan. The two other honorees were absent from the ceremony. On behalf of Mohammad Merajul Haque Sohag, Mahmuda Nargis received the commemorative, certificate and a crest. Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz handed over the memento, certificate and crest. Writer, poet and journalist Darpan Kabir received a memento, certificate and crest on behalf of Sheikh Sadi Khan.

On the third anniversary program of the US based TV channel ‘Bangla Channel’, the prominent peoples were honoured by the ‘Dhrubatara Sammanna’. According to the organizers, the ‘Dhrubatara Sammanna’ will be awarded every year. A jury board will select or nominate those, who receive this honorary memorandum. This honor will be given to any talented person, including Bangladesh and other countries, who have done good deeds in the society. A website called ‘’ has already been launched for this purpose.

Album: Awarding the ‘Dhrubotara Sammanana 2021’ in New York

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