Jalalabad Association’s Building Purchase: Failing to Resolve Reconciliation


The decision to purchase the Jalalabad Association building in New York has caused a definite rift between the executive committee and common Jalalabad members.

Those concerned said that this deadlock has now reached an extreme level. In order to resolve this, the former officials of the Jalalabad Association took the initiative for reconciliation. But that initiative is also now facing questions. Badrul Hossain Khan, the current president of the organization, is being blamed for this.

They also said that Badrul Hossain Khan was adding fuel to the fire. Whenever former officials came forward with reconciliation initiatives, he created obstacles.

Syed Shawkat Ali, the former president of the association, told reporters at the Jalalabad building on February 6: “After talking to the current committee president, Badrul Hossain Khan, the former president, Ajmal Hossain Kunu, the former president, Badrun Nahar Khan Mita, and the former general secretary, Ahmad Zillu, based on their opinions, I spoke with a lawyer.”

He said, “We all have to remember that this is an organization of Jalalabad people, not an organization of a few people.” He criticized the activities of the president and said that they are trying to use this organization for their own interests. “He is not obeying the rules of the Constitution.”

He said that General Secretary Moinul Islam has been given a show-cause notice. He also replied to that show-cause notice. He said that until Moinul is expelled, he is the general secretary of the organization. How could a president hijack the board of trustees by convening an executive committee meeting without the general secretary? The president’s actions seem to be against compromise. Has he taken a position against compromise? Why did he exclude the general secretary and create the board of trustees? But I am still in favor of compromise. I will continue my activities. I will update you in the future.

Former president Moinul Haque Chowdhury Helal said, “We are in favor of reconciliation.” “If there is any mistake during the purchase of the building, we will discuss and correct it.”

He also said that in the last general meeting, it was decided that we would purchase the building. According to that decision, we bought the building. I don’t see any reason for anyone’s anger. This building fulfilled our dreams. Apart from that, it is a profitable building. A total of $5,400 is owed on the mortgage for this structure. Furthermore, this building will generate $6,800 in monthly revenue. The basement floor is also available to us without charge. Reconciliation is still possible. We’ll do anything to get this building.

Executive member Mizanur Rahman said, “We don’t want to see this impasse.” “We object to defamation and dishonor directed towards Jalalabad members on social media.” He requested an official meeting.

According to Yameen Rasheed, the president’s and his supporters’ behavior appears to suggest that they do not wish to reconcile. To what extent will we pursue them? I believe a committee ought to be established. He demanded, “Why was the general meeting postponed?” with expressions of rage. The general meeting’s adjournment involves a conspiracy. If there had been a mass meeting, I believe this issue would have been resolved. “We want the building at all costs,” he declared.

General Secretary Moinul Islam said, “We are always prepared to execute the building’s deed.” If they want to do so, the existing president and treasurer may refinance and place their names on the mortgage. I have no issues. Once again, the trustees have the power to discharge the building’s debt. Each police station has the option to appoint trustees.

A number of former officials attended the meeting, including Maulana Saiful Alam Siddiqui, MA Karim, Advocate Aktaruzzaman, Sohail Babu, Yameen Rashid, Mohammad Manjur, Hasan Ali, and others.

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