More than 10 million early votes in US presidential election


US voters have cast more than 10 million votes for the November 3 presidential election, significantly outpacing the early vote in 2016 and suggesting a large turnout, according to data compiled by the US Elections Project.

The surge in early voting comes amid a stubborn novel coronavirus pandemic that has led to a surge of early and mail balloting, particularly among Democrats, reports Reuters.

Republican President Donald Trump has sowed confusion and distrust of mail balloting, making repeated, unfounded allegations of widespread fraud ahead of his contest with Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

As of Monday night, nearly 10.4 million Americans have cast a vote in states that report early voting data, according to the election information resource at the University of Florida.

By way of comparison, as of October 16, 2016, some 1.4 million Americans had cast an early vote.

The number of ballots cast in five states – Minnesota, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin – already exceeds 20 per cent of total 2016 turnout, the Elections Project said.❐


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